From testing to approval

Our test bench, which has been approved by the calibration authorities, allows equipment inspections under a wide range of operating conditions. Furthermore, our fully automated TÜV-approved pressure test bench checks complete systems or system components – including outside the mechanical clamping area. If required, approval can be granted in the presence of a third party inspector. Even safety valves can be set, checked and approved. Our specialist staff can also perform acceptance tests, evaluations and re-stamping for metallic materials.


testing of systems, system components and safety valves, including under extreme operating conditions


Office of Weights and Measures, MID, TÜV

Test benches in detail

Own calibration test bench

Approved by the calibration authorities; 1200 m3/h; gravimetric method; accuracy 0.02%; test medium: heating oil/diesel

Own pressure test bench

up to DN750/30” (larger on request); pressure classes up to PN420/ANSI2500; tests in accordance with DIN EN 12266, API6D, API598, ANSI etc.; detection of minor leaks by laser