All processes at a single glance at any time

The high-performance MFX_4 flow computer complies with the highest standards, allowing for flexible and reliable custody transfer measurement and blending as well as the management of processes for the handling of liquids and, in particular oil. With more than 30 years of operating experience and in excess of 18,000 installations the fourth generation combines long-standing industry know-how with state-of-the-art technologies.

Thanks to its support of various protocols and communication standards all MFX_4 systems are easy to integrate, can be configured quickly and can be serviced remotely during ongoing operations. The MFX-4 flow computer sets itself apart with its distributed architecture made up of centralised processing units and decentralised operating units, thus substantially expanding the range of possible applications.


a wide-ranging system family with modules for use in control rooms and external use in explosive environments, even under extreme weather conditions


use in various applications, ranging from systems with single loading stations to large, complex transfer systems


rigorously secure parameter access through structured system admission as part of a multi-level security approach with the archiving of all changes

An exceptional system in detail

MFX_4 Controller

The MFX_4 Controller is the centralised control unit of the MFX_4 system. It is available in two housing variants as an explosion-proof (Ex) as well as an unprotected device, whereby the functionality of the electronics is identical. Depending on the model, it can be used both in the control room and under extreme weather conditions in explosive external areas.

Configurable for individual applications for blending or additivation and including an integrated PLC control system via scripting

MFX_4 Terminal Pro

The MFX_4 Terminal Pro widens our range of HMI devices based on our proven MFX_4 Terminal. It offers an impressive user friendly interface with a high contrast 10,4” colour display enabling the reading from larger distances. Just like the MFX_4 Terminal, it is a multi-language Human Machine Interface (HMI) to interact with MFX_4 Controller, other suitable terminals or with host computer systems via a wide range of communication protocols.

User friendly, easy-to-understand and easy-to-read communication unit (e.g. for measurement data processors such as the MFX_4 Controller)

MFX_4 Terminal

The MFX_4 Terminal is the human-machine interface (HMI) via which communication with the Controller, other suitable terminals or a SCADA system takes place. To ensure optimum operability, it is equipped with a configurable graphic display and is able to display all process data in various sizes and languages.

Interface between the measurement device (e.g. MFX_4 Controller) and the user in the field

MFX_4 Compact PRO

The MFX_4 COMPACT PRO combines all functionalities of the MFX_4 Controller and MFX_4 Terminal PRO in a single explosion-proof (Ex) housing. Thanks to its compact size, the MFX_4 COMPACT PRO is also suitable for use in small systems.

Best suited for stand alone applications and especially for smaller plants, where a flow Computer installed in a single housing makes sense


The two variants MFX_4 COMPACT PRO TOUCH and MFX_4 COMPACT PRO TT have been developed for the No-Ex area as variants with touchscreen. The basic device here is the MFX_4 COMPACT PRO TOUCH. 

The powerful flow computer for all applications without explosion protection

MFX_4 Compact PRO TT

The MFX_4 COMPACT PRO TT has the same functionalities as the MFX_4 COMPACT PRO TOUCH. Enhanced by the integrated membrane keypad and an RFID card reader, it is suitable for use in small systems.

Ideal as a stand-alone application in the No-Ex area.

MFX_4 RFID Reader

The MFX_4 RFID Reader allows the touchless identification in hazardous areas under potentially explosive atmospheres. The multi-format 13,56 MHz reader is certified to be used in Zone 1 according to ATEX and IECEx and thus almost for nearly all Ex-environments. In addition to be used with the MFX_4 Terminal Pro and the MFX_4 Terminal, it offers the individual operation as a stand-alone reader with visual feedback.

Contactless identification using Mifare RFID cards in hazardous areas

MFX_4 Terminal PRO TOUCH IP65

In addition to the version in the explosion-proof housing, three variants for use in industrial environments (No-Ex) are also available for the MFX_4 Terminal PRO. All three variants can be operated via a touchscreen.

The simple and intuitive HMI for loading control outside of the explosion-proof area

MFX_4 Terminal PRO TT

The MFX_4 TERMINAL PRO TT is the extended version of the MFX_4 TERMINAL PRO TOUCH IP65. It is also equipped with a touch screen, but also has an integrated membrane keypad and an RFID card reader.

Compact design, can also be used as HMI for entry and exit controls in loading terminals

MFX_4 Terminal PRO TOUCH IP20

The MFX_4 TERMINAL PRO TOUCH IP20 offers the same functionality as the MFX_4 Terminal PRO Touch IP65. Since it is equipped without a housing, it is suitable for installation for control rooms and control cabinets.

Ideally suited as HMI to control all loading operations in the control room